Woobin Park's Favorite Subject-Math

My Favorite subject is Math. The reason is because it is fun and easy. Let me tell you the types of Math there are.

Algebra-Algebra is a type of math that mostly involves equations. I personally dont mind algebra. However, once you get into Algebra2, it gets more harder and more complicated. In Algebra1, we learn simple equation. In Algebra2, we learn sqaure equations and word problems with equations. Right now, I'm in Accelerated Albera2. It is challenging, but it is fun once we understand it.
Geometry-Geometry is a type of math that involves shapes. I personally think it was easy and fun to learn because our teacher made it fun. Even though we only learn shapes, we also have to find the area and volumes. It involves alot of math solving but it is probably the funnest math we learn.
Trigonomety-Trigonometry is a type of math that includes shapes equations. At first, it was really easy, but as you go on, theres a lot of things to memorize. Trigonometry is based on mostly triangles. The most related type is Geometry since they moth use shapes. One thing thats a pain in Trigonometry is memorizing the sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, cosecants. There is alot of things to know but once you understand it, it isnt that bad.
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